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An ecosystem built around its native smartchain token LOF and the most advanced fan platform yet. Countless opportunities for investors, content creators and users.


What is LOF?

Lonelyfans is a cryptocurrency project, a whole ecosystem built around its native smartchain token LOF. The project's ultimate goal is to reward investors by perpetually using the LOF token within our ecosystem and distributing volume-based rewards to its holders.

To achieve this, we have engineered one of the most sophisticated token contracts in the whole crypto space. LOF's contract has revolutionary functions such as automatic buyback & burn to counter big sells, anti-whale mechanisms, passive rewards as token of your choice, and much more.

However, the most important part of our ecosystem is the LOF Platform - a fan platform created to beat the rest of the competition with its ground-breaking features and benefits for the content creators and users alike. While the cutting-edge utility is increasing the demand, our deflationary tokenomics are lowering the supply, the sky is the limit for the price of LOF in the years to come.

LOF Platform

Built to revolutionize the current market of fan platforms, the LOF Platform offers more features, more income, more value, and more freedom.

The content creators get to keep up to 95% of their sales. The minimal house share allows competitive prices.

Release your content free of judgement or enjoy the fruits of that liberty as a user. No restrictions in content type. No surprise account closings, all types of creators are welcome.



LOF's groundbreaking features reward holding and lay the foundations for perpetual price growth

The smart contract has been carefully engineered to suit our ecosystem's needs and includes revolutionary features the likes of which has never been seen before.

As the utility is increasing the token's demand and it has highly deflationary elements, only sky is the limit for the long-term price.

Total Supply 1000000000

Migration Supply
Liquidity Tokens
Burn Address
Multi-Sig Dev Wallet

6% Buy Tax Distribution

  • 2% to holders as token of their choice (BNB by default, no actions needed)
  • 1% + 1% to Development/Marketing wallet in BNB and BUSD
  • 2% to BNB/LOF liquidity pool

15% Sell Tax Distribution

  • 4% to holders as token of their choice (BNB by default, no actions needed)
  • 1.5% + 1.5% to Development/Marketing wallet in BNB and BUSD
  • 5% to Buyback and Burn (Default Set to Automatic)
  • 3% to BNB/LOF liquidity pool


Wallet Dump/Anti-Liquidity Theft - Tax for selling rises to 22.5% if over 33% of the wallets holdings are sold all at once. This penalty punishes for-profit arbitrage bots attempting to remove liquidity from our pools. No limit on amount of sales per day, so there is no harm to holders that want to exit the ecosystem.
Wallet dump/anti liquidity theft
Max transaction size set at 1% of total supply to prevent whale dumps
Big whale dump prevention
Content creators - the most important parts of the ecosystem - have their own tax bracket. The contract allows any wallet to be whitelisted (and removed when needed) as a content creator. These wallets have 0% buy tax and 5% sell tax; encouraging content creators to invest in the product they ultimately control.
Content creator tax
Token transfers from one wallet to another are not taxed. The ability to tax these transactions is in the contract if voted by the community, as CEX listings occur, to ensure taxes cannot be bypassed unless the community agrees to leave it at 0%.
Wallet-to-wallet transfers
Every sale of LOF is countered by automatic buyback in the contract. The tokens bought will be burned. The mechanism is enabled by the selling tax. When someone sells LOF, that will be countered with a 5% buyback which will be fully burned. Just imagine what it means for the tokens price in the long run, when 33% of the tax is used to counter all the sales; which constantly boosts the economy and speeds up deflation.
Buyback and burn
Official Partner Misti Moon

Hi! I'm Misti Moon. I'm really ambitious, content is only one part of what I do to bring home the bacon. I enjoy trying new things and taking adventures. Crypto, Forex and Stocks are all great conversations starters. When I'm not creating content or modeling you can find me being silly or eating food. Those are basically my favorite things to do besides working off the calories I just ate at the gym.

Official Partner Happy Hotwife

I am Happy Hotwife. I am an Lonelyfans team member and Official Partner. I am married to my soulmate and best friend. I love life and I am doing everything I can to make the most of every day.

I am a dream chaser. Follow me and let's make some dreams come true.

Official Partner Blair

Hello, I'm Blair. I love adventure, and anything travel related. My passions other than modeling are yoga, fitness, and anything related to health and wellness.

Official Partner Ella

I’m Ella! A 4’10, black and Italian, young mom who likes to add spiciness to my adventures. From fishing to playing League of Legends to singing my head off to 80s music to playing with my pussycats. I am on my journey to becoming an independent business woman & hope you will enjoy this journey with me. Warning, things can get slippery on this ride.

Official Partner Kim Swallows

Hello I'm Kim Swallows. A little bit about me I was once an accountant and I decided I wanted to do something exciting with my life and became a content creator. My life Nowadays consist of modeling, video creation, and releasing my own clothing line soon. The adult content I'm most famous for is content recorded from my gloryhole parties.

Official Partner Tiffany Kelly

Hi. I’m Tiffany Kelly from London, England. I enjoy reading books, long walks on the beach and yoga….nah not really! I enjoy junk food, gaming, marvel and blowing money on NFTs.


If you didn't already know, by holding LOF tokens you are automatically gaining passive rewards - no actions required.

LOF Dashboard is an easy-to-use tool to track the amount of reward you have already collected, and how much is pending. You can also change the token you are being rewarded with.

You may also use the reward to buy more LOF without the normal buying tax - and to start gaining even more reward by compounding interest.


While some milestones are more important than others, there will always be new features to add, ideas to implement and heights to reach.

Our roadmap gives a good glimpse of what to expect next. The development never stops.

Migrate to Enhanced LOF V2

Release New Roadmap

Launch Official Merch Store

Release V2 Whitepaper

Build New Lonelyfans.app Landing Page

Build and Release LOF Gitbook

Build New Website

Launch Beta LOF Fan Platform (Limited Testers)

Partial Supply Migration to Cronos

Begin Investor Marketing Campaign

Deploy Multi-Reward Staking Platform

Begin Content Creator Marketing Campaign

Public Launch of LOF Fan Platform

Announce Metaverse Partnerships and Virtual Hangouts

Centralized Exchange Listings

Build and Launch LOF NFT Marketplace

Human Trafficking Charity Donations and Education Center

Deploy Additional Features to LOF Fan Platform (List #2)

Cam Addition

Improved Merchandise Store

Traffic Monetization

Enhanced Digital Creator Engagement

Annual Top LOF Holder Gathering

Deploy Additional Features to LOF Fan Platform (List #3)

Our new

Looking for a comprehensive summary about the project?
Our new whitepaper includes everything you need to know in a single, detailed document.


Team & Vision

Behind the development of Lonelyfans, is the most enthusiastic and commited team among all the crypto space. Led by the CEO Eric Raymond, the project has made a trademark of its uncompromised level of transparency, perseverance and honesty towards the investors and partners.

Our goal is to build Lonelyfans into a multimillion dollar enterprise, and a wide-known brand. The ecosystem has been crafted so that enjoying the fruits of the targeted success requires nothing but holding LOF tokens.

As we reach for the stars, besides rewarding our investors, spreading some good around us while doing so, has been our another goal since the first day. We are committed into fighting human trafficking via education and charity. Furthermore, we want to be a safehaven for our content creators. A place where they are empowered and supported, and their personal rights are honored.

The same goes for our investors. In the world of crypto, it is easy to stumble across projects with questionable intentions, or motivated purely by personal intresses of the developers.

While we cannot guarantee enormous success, or that all dreams will come true, we can promise to tirelessly work towards our mutual goals, to always be honest and transparent, and to do everything we can to turn the dreams into reality.


LOF Merch Store

Visit our store to browse the official LOF merchandise. A huge selection of cool and sexy clothing, accessories and more.

A perfect way to support your favorite content creator or the project. Worldwide shipping!

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